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"An artist is not paid for his labor, but for his VISION."
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AUG 16-18
Workshop (9am - 4pm  Thurs-Sat.)
"Strong Design and Bold Strokes in Watercolor"
Huntsville Museum of Art
300 Church Street South
Huntsville, AL  35801

Contact: Laura Smith (Education & Academy Director) 
Email: lsmith@hsvmuseum.org   
Ph: (256) 535-4350  ext. 222

MAY 31
Juror - "Treasures of Pointe Coupee Art Exhibit" 
Contact: Gale Roy, Executive Director  Email: roygaleb@bellsouth.net
Julien Poydras Museum & Arts Center
500 W Main St
New Roads, LA  70760


JAN 16-18
Workshop (9am - 4pm  Mon-Wed)
"Strong Design and Bold Strokes in Watercolor"
St Charles Art Guild 
Held at the Grand Ridge Golf Club
500 Willowdale St.
Luling, LA  70070

Contact: Carolyn Clausing 
Email: carolynclausing@gmail.com
Ph: (504) 737-0280      (504) 250-3138





JAN 16-17
Workshop (10am - 5pm Sat,  9am - 4:30pm Sun)
"Strong Design and Bold Strokes in Watercolor"
Contemporary Artists' Guild
Alexandria, LA
Contact: Nancy Noles (President)
Email: nancyrnoles@gmail.com



AUG 18-19
Workshop (9am - 4pm) 
"Strong Design and Bold Strokes in Watercolor"
Terrebonne Fine Arts Guild
Houma, LA
Contact: Betty Porche
Email: gnbporche@att.net

JUNE 3-6
June 3 Demo at Norsworth Gallery (6pm)
Jun 4-6 Workshop (9am - 4pm)
Hoover Watercolor Society  
Shreveport, LA
Contact Sharon Teel Bennett
Email:  sharonteelbennet@gmail.com

Juror - "Terrebonne Fine Arts Guild Spring Art Show" 
Contact: Betty Porche, Chairman   gnbporche@att.net
630 Belanger St.
Houma, LA

Juror - "20th Annual Spring Art Show" 
Open to artists from Iberville, Pointe Coupee, and West Baton Rouge parishes
West Baton Rouge Parish Library
Contact: Beth Vandersteen, Director 225-342-7920
Port Allen, LA

JAN 15-16
Workshop (9am - 4pm) 
"Strong Design and Bold Strokes in Watercolor"
Louisiana Art & Artists' Guild
Baton Rouge, LA
Open to LAAG members and non-members 
For more information contact:
Brenda Legendre    
(225) 769-2991 or plend@cox.net


AUG 9 - 10
Workshop (9am - 3:30pm) 
Metairie Art Guild
Metairie, LA
For more information contact:|
Gerry Claude
(504) 251-7046 or GerryClaude@cox.net

JULY 10 - SEPT 4
Juror - " Louisiana Art & Artists' Guild Summer Judged Show"  Baton Rouge, LA

MAY 30-31
Workshop (9am - 3:30pm)
Hoover Watercolor Society  
Shreveport, LA

MAY 29
Presentation: "An Artist's Eye Through the Sounds of Music"  
Hoover Watercolor Society  
Shreveport, LA

MAY 28 
Juror - "Hoover Watercolor Society Spring Exhibition"  
Shreveport, LA







     Every human being is born with a creative potential and a unique destiny.  But only a few discover their real talents and find the resources and inspiration to make a living at the work they are most equipped to do.  Keith Andry, nationally recognized watercolorist, is one of those rare individuals who has dedicated nearly all of his life to developing his talent.

     Keith explains that his watercolors are an attempt to communicate not only what he sees visually but also what he feels and senses.  He says that, whereas a reporter simply transcribes the truth, the artist must translate the truth into a universally understood language.

     To watch Keith paint is to see the blank paper come to life with strong design, bold colors, and a unique "painterly" style that combines wit, philosophy, and reporting into a single work of art.  His approach to watercolor painting encourages the student to loosen up and paint with confidence regardless of the subject matter.  

     Keith's workshops have met with great success due to his warm willingness to devote himself en tirely to the needs of his students.  Those who have studied with him have observed that he approaches his workshops with the same demanding professionalism that he expects of himself and his work.

     So join us for a fun-filled learning experience and do not miss this opportunity to study with an excellent teacher and superb artist.



Beginners through all levels of advancement

TEACHING GOALS:                 
How to plan a picture                                                        
Design principles and composition
Major shape divisions
Qualities of edge
4-Value steps
Working with a limited palette
Step-by-step painting process
Capturing the essence of a subject
Simultaneous contrast in color and value
Gradation in color and value
Watercolor techniques
Avoiding "mud"

SCHEDULE (9 am - 4 pm):
Morning Session: Lecture, excercises, demonstration
Noon:  Break for lunch (bring brown bag lunch)
Afternoon Session:  Individual work with supervision
Final Session:  Group or individual critique




                                              Workshop at the Metairie Art Guild  







Judging the 2015 "20th Annual Spring Art Show" at the West Baton Rouge Parish Library


Workshop for the Hoover Watercolor Society  June 4-6, 2015


"Keith Andry Workshop a Success!"

"The Red River was a-rising nearby, but good times were a-rollin’ as a congenial group of artists gathered at Norsworthy Gallery on June 4-6 to learn, paint, and admire the work of Baton Rouge (via Thibodaux) artist Keith Andry.  An excellent teacher, Keith was armed with visual aids, a handout, an engaging personality, and boundless enthusiasm for his duties as workshop presenter.  We were enthralled with his painting talent and skill as he transformed a seemingly random application of wet-on-wet color (the all-important MIDDLE-VALUE STRUCTURE) into a completed watercolor painting.  The large crowd at the demo Wednesday night preceding the workshop witnessed the creation of a rooster painting, and the workshop attendees were treated to a landscape, a floral and a knock out dockside piece.

I must add a few words of sincere personal thanks to several people:  First, to our hosts, Chris and Christine Bailey, who arranged for tables, chairs and parking, in addition to providing our venue; next, to all the participants who volunteered to make coffee, bring snacks, provide Keith’s lunch, gather trash, and leave things tidy at the end of each day; and to all who folded chairs, gathered tablecloths, took down tables, mopped floors, and cleaned up the kitchen at the end of the workshop.  Many hands did indeed make light work!  Chris Bailey’s work moving tables and chairs to the loading dock at the end was certainly not light, but, as always, all was done with good humor!  And of course, we are all grateful to Keith for being so well prepared each day, in spite of spending late nights helping his friend put furniture on cinder blocks and filling sandbags in knee high floodwaters."

Roooster painting done at evening demo

Major shapes are key

Shape, Value, Color


Beginning a floral painting demo

Class Demonstration

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