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Giclee' reproduction                 

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You know, it never fails, I'm fishing and it starts to rain. The fish are biting. I've got a pole in one hand and trying to put a rain suit on with the other. It's hard to keep from standing up and keeping the rod tip low so as not to tease the lightening gods.

Many fishermen have found fishing just before, during, and after the rain to be some of their most productive days on the water. This is mainly because fish tend to be more active and thus are easier to find and easier to catch.

Fish are not able to quickly adjust their pupils to varying levels of light. This makes them very sensitive to sunlight. That is why on warm sunny days you will find them sticking close to cover where they can receive protection from the direct sunlight. However, rainy days tend to change things. On rainy days the cloud cover helps to reduce the amount of sunlight that penetrates the water. Also, the act of rain falling on the water tends to diffuse the sunlight.As a result, fish feel more comfortable as they are able to see better in low light situations. They do not have to stick close to shaded areas to receive protection from the light. Thus they tend to move around more freely on rainy days. And... the more fish move around, the more opportunities we have to catch them!

For some of us, fishing is a way to relax, to become one with nature, and to leave our hectic lives behind. It's perserverance, not patience, that'll put fish in the boat on a tough day. Remember, what matters the most isn't the number of fish you catch or the size. It's the memories you make!

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